Whoa! of the Week: Joel Jutagir

More skating here This weeks Whoa features a few sessions worth of skating with yours truly, metro channel and skateshop owner, Joel Jutagir :D We found some amazing skate spots on our last trip to San Francisco, check the new DIY cement near the skatepark. recognize the giant drop off in the background behind the blunt flip? thats the building foundation Corey Duffel ollied offa in Feed The Need. DAMN! theres tons of tranny there now, and I got to break it in a bit with a chunky tailslide and blunt kickflip in. That ledge to hill bomb spot is the funnest, most of the trick is just in riding down the curved rollout after the ledge, wanted to try it switch heck of bad, after kinda popping outta the noseslide switch on accident and almost riding away. Check out more footage from myself in this full part from Metro’s Red Asphalt – Filmed by Brendan Bill – Find Metro on the web at: Stay one step ahead of whats posting by liking us on Facebook and please help us out by subscribing Thanks for watching!

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