Front Blunt SHUV FRONT BOARD To Fakie! At The Bar With Jeff Fowler

Fourth installment of our NEW SERIES At The Bar With Jeff Fowler. Sorry we’ve been on hiatus with At The Bar. Its snowing in Omaha where Jeff’s from. Hard to get footage when your local skateparks buried under a snowy white blanket. Jeff And Brett were lucky enough to catch a few sunny days in a row and shovel the snow off to the side of the park to get this one. Check the big snow pile next to Jeff when he sits down after the trick, oh yeah, and riding through puddles on the runup cant make this trick any easier. Frontside Bluntslide Shuv Front Board To Fakie! DAMN. Jeff caught our attention with one of the sickest 10 tricks For A Taco submissions to date starting shit out with a kickflip back noseblunt slide and blazing his way through some of the sickest flatbar skating this side of the mississippi. An idea formed and we approached Jeff about doing a series. …can you even imagine coming up with a new innovative trick on a flatbar every other week??? good thing for us, Jeff can! Next episode posts 1/1/13 Find him on instagram @jefffffowler with 5 F’s Filmed by Brett Brooner Check his channel on youtube SUBSCRIBE!!! Insta @broonamite

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