Pat Laflamme – Whoa! Of The Week

This weeks Whoa comes from pat laflamme @ SUBSCRIBE!!! I have one question, when the hell did going up handrails become commonplace??? Damn you Leo Romero for raising the bar so damn high. Didn’t phase Pat one bit though as he boardslides up a good sized seven stair with relative ease. Throw in a heelflip boardslide and a big heel for added spice and you got a recipe that even the dudes at epic mealtime would have struggled to produce. we’re happy to accept submissions for Whoas and Tacos, Please send your UNEDITED footage grouped on a single timeline to and include your name, youtube channel, age, city, filmers name, filmers youtube.sponsors and shoutouts. Make sure its .mp4 .mov or .avi file format and we prefer getting footage through the sharing site thanks! Most entertaining or highest rated comment on this weeks vids get BEAST OF THE WEEK for next weeks uploads. We love to hear from all of you! Find Metro on the web at: ‪‪ Share your pics with us on Instagram @metroskateshop Stay one step ahead of whats posting by liking us on Facebook: ‪‪ and please subscribe for weekly skate videos ‪‪ Thanks for watching!

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